Karting MTL offers you the chance to immerse yourself into a real-life Mario Kart® battle. During the race, you have access to multiple items inspired from the game such as the shell, the banana and the star. These items allow you to attack other players in the race and defend yourself versus incoming attacks. Each player is always allowed a maximum of 2 items in their possession. The Karts are quick and equipped with a DRIFT handle!

The Karting session includes:


30 minutes of intense race battles in the arena.


Many items to use during the race (Shell, Banana, Star)

Game Master

The Game Master oversees the games and proposes a variety of game modes to the racers.


A protective helmet is provided to each participant.


Each Kart is equipped with a Draft handle bar which allows you to drift, make 360 turns and even go in reverse.

Souvenir Photos

We provide free pictures of all participants in action. You can find you pictures on our Facebook page.



Birthday or Event

$300 + taxes
  • Up to 10 players (Call us for info on larger groups!)
  • 35 minute session
  • 10 minutes of instructions
  • 25 minutes of games
  • FREE - Party room for one hour after the session